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And now for a long commercial break

And now for a long commercial break

Posted on 28 January 2012 by Destivar

Super Bowl ads reveal a growing preference for 60-second spots that allow time to tell a story.

If there’s ever a time people want to linger over TV commercials, it’s during the Super Bowl – and this year, advertisers will oblige, running longer spots that do more storytelling.

“It’s the one place all year you will find viewers who want to watch commercials,’’ said Geoff Klapisch, an advertising professor at Boston University.

The Super Bowl, set for Feb. 5 on NBC, with the New England Patriots playing the New York Giants, is the premier annual showcase for creative television advertising. What viewers are likely to notice is that companies are creating fewer 30-second ads, and more 60-second-and-longer spots meant to engage viewers in a story, as well as the commercial message.

There’s a “proliferation of long-form creative content’’ during commercial breaks at this year’s Super Bowl, noted Seth Winter, senior vice president of sales and marketing at NBC Sports Group, in an e-mail. Continue Reading

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Super Bowl Ads Online: To Seed or Not to Seed?

Posted on 27 January 2012 by Destivar

Super Bowl advertisers in recent years have made a practice out of seeding or teasing their commercials via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Among a few questions, it raises this one: While the online viral may produce buzz for creative agencies behind the TV work, does the seeding tactic actually have a positive impact for the brand spending big money on the uber-premium TV inventory?

According to Ace Metrix, 40 percent of last year’s final version spots were released online before they aired during Super Bowl XLV (45). The Mountain View, CA-based media research firm expects that number to be closer to 60 percent for Super Bowl XLVI.

Peter Daboll, Ace Metrix CEO, said his company surveyed 500 consumers last year about the ads they saw under sports television’s ultimate spotlight. Daboll said there was a scattershot of negative feedback associated with the seeding tactic.

“We have seen some commentary that it can be a bit of a letdown come Super Bowl Sunday if they’ve already seen the ads,” he said. “But it’s still a very small percentage of the viewing audience that actually watches the spots before the game.”

Another question: Are there best practices for seeding TV ads, especially for the Super Bowl? Josh Seifert, a senior marketing strategist at Brooklyn, NY-based digital agency Huge, suggests there is a growing artfulness to the tactic.

“Simply running a spot ahead of time as an online pre-roll probably doesn’t help a brand that much, because it’s not really buzz-worthy,” Seifert explained. “But releasing a spot early as an exclusive for loyal brand advocates within social media could be a valuable way to build buzz and make consumers feel more deeply connected than they might seeing a spot along with everyone else.”

While some brands release the full version of their Super Bowl spot in the days leading up to the event, others produce dedicated online-only variations to build buzz without emptying their creative arsenal. Some advertisers release such teasers while also “leaking” their complete spot. Continue Reading

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New Girl and Homeland available to watch online in New Zealand before TV premiere

Posted on 27 January 2012 by Destivar

MediaWorks is premiering full episodes of two of the biggest television shows of the 2012 season online, ahead of their television broadcasts next month.

Zooey Deschenal’s new sitcom New Girl, which is set to screen on FOUR from Tuesday 7 February, is available to watch online from today at

The critically-acclaimed Homelandwhich picked up the Best Drama award at the Golden Globes, will be available to watch at from 9am Thursday February 2 ahead of its TV3 debut.

Each episode will be available online for a week, and the special advance screenings are only for the season premieres.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to launch our big new shows,” says Director of Programming Kelly Martin.

“This is a first for us, and quite possibly a first for New Zealand television. I’m genuinely curious to see how the audience reacts.” Continue Reading

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Halo: Helljumper Episode 1, the Halo inspired webseries finally hits the web

Posted on 26 January 2012 by Destivar

Back in November of last year I passed along the news that a Halo inspired webseries called Halo: Helljumpers was in the works and showed you the trailer that had been released for it. Well the first episode of the final product has been released.

The fan made series is primarily the story about Gage Yevgenny from the time when he first joins to fightin the war against the Covenant. Episode 1 is about a dying Gage telling his story to a new rookie on the field of battle.

Enjoy and get ready for the next episode to drop 15th.

via TDW

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Indie Intertube Radio Episode 99

Indie Intertube Radio Episode 99

Posted on 25 January 2012 by Destivar

Weekly podcast dedicated to independent internet television and original for the web content. Join  host Destini and guests as they discuss what’s hot and streaming in the world of online entertainment.
Special Guests: Tai Fauci & Elisa Donovan of Whole Day Down

Wednesday January 25th 2011
Comedy: Seeking Simone
Drama: DeVanity

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